"I am an Aloken, hidden in the Eternal Forest no more. Demons beware my spear!”

Aloken is a class that deals stable damage and help allies with spells that raises the power. This class uses spear to deal melee damage and also have several skills to attack effectively and survive. The Guard Arms Alokens use protects themselves and raise vitality. They can also detect twin summoner's hiding skill. Unlike Segnales' buffs, Alokens can use spells as many times the want, not effected by time. There is 2 types of spells, attacking spells and defending spells. Attacking spells are those that randomly takes effects when attacking, and raises the attack of own self or party members. Defending spells are those that randomly takes effects when being attacked, and reduces the damage or raise the resistance or recovery rate.

Aloken Skilltree

Alokens role has some what shift from buff slave to DPS semi Damage dealer. This is due to the new attack skills which have great DPS and Attack buffs which boost both the Aloken and the Parties overall Damage.

Aloken Skill Tree
The above link is to an image showing the Aloken Skill Tree for Action 7.5.


Upgraded Skills:

Destroy Blow - new skill animation lvl 5 and lvl 10, still pointless to get.

Double Spear - 3 hits at lvl 10, skill animation lets the aloken chase/move towards target if the target it moving away

Mana Shock - One hit Skill that consumes target MP, 2.5k(forgot exacts) mana drain max lvl.

Self Bless - Also adds Guard rate

Physical Bless - Since there is not more Physical resistance in the game mechanics, it now increases defense by 2k~

New Spear Skills:

Les Dias Hit(Proper Translation Pending)lvl 22 -4 hit AOE, last hit the aloken jumps upside down and does a spinning attack. Like Chun Li's spinning bird kick

Divine Cure lvl 55 - Fast HP recovery for 10 seconds

Serabi lvl 55- A Gauge is present which fills up if the aloken causes damage to a target, once the gauge reaches 100% the buff can be activated which gives you and your party members an increase damage. (this skill stacks with rebellion spear)

La Defense lvl 63 - Increases your resistance to all damage by 75% at max level for a short period of time. Unlike the Bagi skill which is similar in effect, this skill has no negative side effects to the Aloken.

Les gels Desire (proper translation pending) lvl 82 - Aloken Jumps in the air and spins like sonic the hedgehog 3 times and hits the target. From what i observe, it always connects.. or at least has some decent mid range to it. This skill replaced destroy storm when it was introduced in World Rebirth I

La Viena Rose lvl 91 - Replaces that pathetic skill Destroy storm as the last attack skill in the spear tree. It hits 5 times with a decent AoE radius. Resist to monster damage is increased for a short period after the skill animation finishes.

New Guard Arm Skills
Shadow Catch lvl 46 - Reveals invisible enemies(summies) and mobs (Nest of Cherubim)

New Spell Buffs
Quick note: Blow, mana shock,reflection damage and Armor smash is removed. Increased Range and Decrease Damage is the only old buffs that remained.

Rebellion Sword (single) lvl 55 - Chance to increase your damage. My alokens melee damage increases from 8k to 9.5k

Rebellion Spear (party aoe buff) lvl 64 - Chance to increase your damage.

Aqua Remover lvl 64 - Chance to not get any negative debuffs from opponents, it also increases resistance to defeat(KB)

Aqua Purge lvl 73 - AOE pt buff similar to Aqua Remover

Resist Decline lvl 73 - Chance to make all resistance drop.(need more info though on what property specifically declines)

Tolerance Decline lvl 84 - AOE pt buff.

Removed Skills:
-Armor Smash
-Destroy Armor
-Destroy Storm

Stat Builds

In Action 7.5 the Alokens Weapon requirement changed from Dex/Spr to Str/Dex. This means you require Str as the dominant stat and Dex as the supplementary stat. Please note the Alokens in Dekaron Japan still have the old weapon requirement of Dex/Spr, this won't happen for Global Dekaron as we will go straight to Action 7.5.

Due to the change in weapon requirements, Aloken skills now require less mana consumption to cast skills.

Its recommended that Alokens have extra STR in their builds because they can afford to have it. Apart from personal preferences, i recommend that you have enough HP to survive monsters of your level and then pump the rest into STR.