Azure Knight

Azure Knight

“I’m a son of Shumatra Choi, the hero of the Trieste continent and an Azure Knight of the Incar!”

For Azure Knights, there is [Protective Knights] that mainly uses one-handed weapon and shield, and [Destructive Knights] that mainly uses two-handed weapons. Also, dual weapons can be used to deal more aggressive assisting skills. [Protective Knights] uses benefits of wearing a shield to protect own self and even the party members from the threat of enemies, and this is based on the elaborate defensing ability. And to add, not only to mention increasing the morale of party members to maximize the combat capabilities but also has skill to focus the party's target to one enemy, lets the Knight play the role as the leader. [Destructive Knights] shows the aggressive style with two-handed weapons. They have benefits to deal pre-emptive attacks based on the skill to approach the enemies quickly. And also becomes a threat to enemies with stun, destroy and shock skills with heavy weapons, that deals effective damages to wide range. The heavy weapon has slow attack speed, but it is still worth to use. Dual types are able to use the effective assisting tree. It is characterized with the fast and most glamorous from the skills that Knight class has.

Azure Knight Skilltree

Azure Knight Skill Tree
The above link is to an image of the Azure Knights Skill Tree for Action 7.5.

Upgraded skills:

Attack acceleration - Max level 10 instead of 5.

Jumping Crash - Skill Animation changes with a wider AOE radius as level increases.

Fatal Bash - 3 hits level 1, 4 hits level 5, 5 hits level 10.

Shield Mastery - Max level 10, instead of 5

Skills that are now exclusively 2H weapon use only:
-Achilles Tendon (blow effect only while wearing 2h AXE)
-Armor Breaker
-Furious bash (used to be called mace bash)
-Berserk - Great Sword increases accuracy, Great mace Increases attack
-Advanced Two hand max level 5, Increases Critical Damage/Rate of 2h weapons.

Wrist Chop - Last hit Blow effect, only while wearing 2h Axe

Heavy Blow - Chance to stun target regardless of weapon.

Solar Evil - Great Sword lowers Def, Great Axe Blow, Great Mace lowers attack.

Sonic Massacre - Great sword drops attack power, Great Axe Blow, Great mace drops critical damage.

New 2H weapon skills:

Charged Shock lvl 46(max level 5) - This skill charges for a moment then dashes to target, causing skill interrupt and the target will fall into sleep status for 0.5 seconds. This skill has been called many things, but the proper translation is 챠지드 쇼크 which translates to Chyajideu shock, Chyajideu being something like Charged. The charge time decreases as the skill is leveled up.

Guidance lvl 64(max level 5) - Increases accuracy and Vitality/Critical Damage.

Violent Dash/Torrent Dash lvl73 (max level 10) - AoE with long skill animation. Three hits at level 1, four hits at level 5 and Five hits at level 10.

Fury of Rondow lvl 91 (max level 10) - 4 hit AoE, Great sword - Drop in resist, Great Axe - Blow effect, Great mace - Drop in Def. Strong damage

1Hand and Shield Tree

The following skills belong to the 1h Weapon + Shield Tree:

-Bleed Slash
-Agility, raise block rate ( used to be passives tree)
-Shield Mastery max level 10.


Weapon defense (max level 10) - Used to be called sword defense but doesn't apply only to swords now. 1h Sword - Increase in Resistance, 1h Axe - Increase in guard, 1h Mace - Increase in block. Effect lasts 10~12 seconds(i forgot exacts)

-Shield shove - Skill interrupts target in PK/pvp, Chance to stun target. Chance to make target sleep in pvp.
-Blind Jab
-Faedol launch
-Air Smashing
-Bounce Defender

New Skills for 1h and Shield

Counter Hit lvl 34(max level 5) - 1 Hit AoE that does not require a target to cast (like imitid flash). In PvP/PK hostiles which are hit with this skill lose target on you and screen view resets to point north.

Protection Sanctuary lvl 46 ( max level 5) - large radius protection buff which at level 1 gives chance to reduce damage taken by 35%, lasts longer and reduces more as you level it.

Point Target lvl 64 (Max level 5) - It points at a target, giving your party members the chance to target the same person/Mob.Critical Rate, Melee/Range/Magic attack and Accuracy increases allot for 1 minute or until the target is dead. Effect works while solo as long as the AK is in a party.

Sharpen Spirit lvl 64 (max level 5) - Attack buff which has a HUGE Radius. added bonus effect depends on weapon being used.
Sword - Str and Dex, Axe - greater boost in str, Mace - increase in all stats(str,dex,heal,spr).

Spirit Fitness lvl 82 (max level 5) - Party buff with a huge radius, Sword - Increase in HP,Axe - Increase in max shield, Mace - Increase in Def. (in a video me and razzy made explaining Azure Knights.. we made mistake of mixing up Sword and Mace effects)

Spirit Air lvl 91 (max level 5) - Party Speed buff, bonus effect depends on weapon being used. Sword - increased Range damage resist, axe - increased tolerance to KB, mace - great HP recovery.

Taunt Bash lvl 91 (max level 5) - AK's largest AoE attack, in a party it taunts monsters attacking party members to attack you instead. An increase in resist to mob damage. 10% at level 1, don't know exacts for max level.

The Weapon Builds

There's three ways to build an Azure Knight in Action 7+
- Great Weapon / Dual Weapons.
- 1h Weapon+Shield / Great Weapon
- 1h Weapon+Shield / Dual Weapons

Great Weapon / Dual Weapons build
This build consists of nonstop attack in which your target has no way to escape. However, this build is only useful at the low levels (lvl 75 and below)in DK Square. After which going without the 1h buffs is not efficient.

-nonstop attack
-targets would find it hard/near impossible to escape

-Not viable for higher levels, the loss of 1h tree buffs takes a huge toll.

Great Weapon Build
Great Weapons or 2 Handed Weapon skills are excellent at debuffing targets with its various skill effects. The Weapon build themselves is quiet powerful and will most likely damage knock back targets. The downside would be that the skills are slow casting and leave you vulnerable if your damage output is not sufficient.

-Great Weapon skills have various skill effects which debuff targets depending on the weapon used(Blow,Stun etc..)
-Strong attacks
-Great for expeditions/Deadfronts with its AOE's debuffing targets

-Slower Cast rate
-Leaves you vulnerable with long skill animations if not timed properly
-AoE's are easily dodged

Dual Weapon Build
Simply put, Dual weapon builds is all about Damage Per Second (DPS). The cast times are fast, the skill animations are short but have plenty of hits. Duals haven't changed except fatal bash has new skill animations at level 5 and level 10. At level 10 fatal bash hits targets 5 times, the last two hits is a small aoe.

- Fast DPS
- Skill animations are short but hit a number of times
- Most Dual skills 'follow' your target, meaning if you land the first strike then the rest will hit regardless if target is moving away (with the exception of spout anger)

-If your damage output is not sufficient to skill interupt/damage knock back, then gg.
- Dual Skills do not have any new skill effects which debuff targets

1h Weapon+ Shield Tree
Nothing much to say that hasnt been said before. The skills here are mainly to buff yourself and your party. The attack skills are great and different skill effects depending on what weapon you choose.

- This tree is a must for any AK over lvl 75

-Will need to leave some skills at a lower level depending on your playstyle..not really a con