Bagi Warrior

Bagi Warrior

“Warriors! Who is the common foe”


Bagi warriors has strong health and buffs that strengthen the body, which makes them the class that defends the front line. Bagi warriors have special ability to absorb damages that party members get, and change it to raise attack. They are strong against magic, and have special skills to resist every status disorders for a while. They also have last surviving skill to raise their resistance to the limit at the last minute when their life is near to end. Martial arts using their body and gauntlets are not only effective for interpersonal but also for wide ranges. They can control the cooltime of their enemies and knockback them to disturb their fighting rhythm and counter attack.

Bagi Warrior Skilltree

Bagi Warrior Skill Tree
The above link is to an image of the Bagi Warrior Skill Tree in Action 7.5.

The Bagi Warrior always lacked in regards to PvE. This changes allot in Action 7 onwards. The new skills along with the new game mechanics allow for the Bagi Warrior to be a true 'Tank Class'

Weapon Requirements change requiring less Dex and Str to wear weapons. The Bagi Warrior also gets the most HP from the Heal stat.

Upgraded Skills:

Instinct Speed+Instinct Power merge to one buff

Defensive+Magical Resist+Physical Resist merge into one buff

Chain burst 2 hits lvl 5, 3 hits lvl 10.

Shock waves second hit makes opponent in pvp/pk sleep/dazed.

-Resistance - Only 1 level instead of 5,Only protects against negative effects. Meaning you can use other buffs while its on, be FH'd by segs etc..

This would make buffing up faster for bagi's for every situation, though i must admit the loss of the skill animations for the different buffs is kind of a bummer.

New skills:

Mad Cry lvl 28 - Single AOE hit, which if your in a party increases mobs threat level (meaning they come after you)

Divide Payne lvl 55 - Works in a party only, single target a party member to receive a portion of the damage they get from Mobs or in a PK situation. Attack, Def and elemental resistance rise when receiving shared damage

Divide Force lvl 64 - Similar to divide payne, the effects only work while in a party. It is an AOE party buff which shares damage from all party members. Def, Elemental resist rise accordingly and also HP recovery rate increases. Im not sure, but perhaps the more party members there are, the more you gain in increase of attack/def/res etc.

Rash Menace? lvl 82 - (Blue lightning bolt thingy, that comes down kinda like imitid). Its a three hit AOE with a pretty big radius of 10m and hits pretty hard. It makes monsters threat level increase allot.. and you gain a 10% resist to mobs damage.

Vitality Drain lvl 91 - For 15 Seconds Any Damage received is cut by 50%, with the cost of 70% of your shield.(i think it becomes less as you level the skill)

라 루팔루자 Translates too La rupalruja, (could be lalapalooza) lvl 91 - 5 hit aoe with slow skill animation, the targets defeat resistance temporarily falls(kind of like divide sphere)

Stat Builds Choices
The Bagi Warrior has the choice to go Str build to cater for Mass Pvp/PK. Going STR build allows you to hit hard without much HP loss. However, losing too much HP would make you useless in Expeditions and Mass PvE, since you will be sharing damage your party members receive with the new skills. Its wise to have a decent HP pool

The only thing left is to balance the amount of HP with your play style and what gears you can obtain