Incar Magician

Incar Magician

“I am a messenger of the Incar.”


Incar Magicians shows the powerful magic damages based on 3 elementals, fire, ice and lightning. Energy skill tree also gives buffs and usable status disorder skills. Magicians can use wand or staff, the one they prefer. Unlike other classes, the selection of weapon doesn't effects the skill tree they are able to use. Energy tree skills have buffs that escalates own abilities, and some can even raise abilities of party members. There is also a skill magician can avoid every attacks with a barrier, and can expel an enemy making them not to do a thing. Energy skills are effective as enemies can rarely resist it. Fire elemental skills mostly make the enemies burnt. Burn enemies and decrease health status, and the damage is highest between 3 elements. Ice elemental skills freeze enemies and make them hard to move. Makes the enemy and area into ice status and gains synergy. Lightning elemental skills are based on transfer and shock, which raises the elemental attack or drops the elemental resistance. It is also good to deal combo attacks with other elemental skills.

Incar Magician Skilltree

Incar Magician Skill Tree
The above link is to an Incar Magician Skill Tree image for action 7.5.

Incar Magicians have changed in various ways. The amount of HP received from Heal stat is not as significant as the melee classes. However, with the new game mechanics for elemental resist. They now do allot more damage in PvP and is harder to be resisted.

Changed/Upgraded Skills:

Energy Mastery - Max level 5.

Sieze Nimbus - Max level 10.

Magic Power - Max level 10.

Energy Hammer - 4 hits level 5, 5 hits level 10.

Blast Phoenix - 3 Hits at level 10.

New Skills:

Neon Bless level 55 (Max level 10) - AOE party buff that increases Ice,Fire and Lightning resistance.

Mind Bless level 64 (Max level 5) - AOE party buff that increases SPR depending on the level of the skill.

Shield of Siege level 28(Max level 5) - Temporarily invulnerable to any attack, however you cannot perform any attacks, though you can move around.

Statis Orb level 55 (Max level 5) - Single Target skill that binds target for a certain amount of time, the target is invulnerable but cannot cast any skill. In PvP the targets HP recovery rate will rise.

Flame Gassing/Gushing level 91 (Max level 10) - Fast Casting Fire AoE that looks like a volcano, it hits 3 times and leaves burn effect. In PvP this burn effect goes through shield and can take up to 10k HP.

Frost Nova level 91 ( Max level 10) - The strongest single hit skill a Mage posses. It takes 3 seconds to for the animation to hit the target but the cast time is fast.

Transfer Lightning level 91 (Max level 10) - Crap PvP Damage, but it lowers lightning resist, has a DoT (Damage over Time) effect

Skill points while leveling up:

Ive stated before that all skills can be level 1 and not require the use of skill points. This i believe has benefited Mages the most. If you find yourself lacking skill points while leveling, then its possible to leave out Blast Phoenix and flame burning at level 1 until your higher level/rank.