Segita Hunter

Segita Hunter

“It’s simple. I look at only one point when aiming at my target. I am never distracted. I am unseen, as I am only the arrow.”


There is 2 types of Segita Hunters. First is the Missile type that uses Bows or Crossbows, and the other is melee type that uses Dagger as the weapon. Bow and Crossbow has specialized skill trees, separated from each other. The Bow skills are based on the rapid fire. Each arrows can be weaker than crossbow, but the rapid fire recovers this. Crossbow skills are based on the strong damage. Crossbow is slower than bow, but each bolts deal great damage. There is missile skills that can be used no matter what you use between bow or crossbow. These skills drops the movement speed of enemies, and drops the defense that helps to benefit from missile attacks. Daggers are usually preferred by low and mid level hunters. The fast attack speed and high damages helps the growth of the beginning.

Hunter Skilltree

Segita Hunter Skill Tree
The above link is for the Segita Hunter Skill Tree in Action 7.5.

Hunters have changed quiet a bit in action 7.5. The preferable weapon of choice is now Bow for its DPS, however Xbow still still has quiet the destructive force.


Upgraded Skills:

Vulnerable shot - the debuff lasts for 10 seconds instead of 4

Fire Arrow - small burn effect, Fire resist reduced for 30 seconds.,max level 10

Wound healing - Max level 10

Poison Arrow - New skill animation, very fast casting and poison resist reduced for 30 seconds,max level 10

Slow arrow - Binds target for 5 second, max level 10

Fiore Novas - No Skill lock, Range increased

Demolition Bomb - No skill lock

New Skills:
New Bow Skills:
Triple Arrow lvl 28 - Hits 3 times, fast skill animation and has 30% chance for penetration effect. I think the chance increases as it is leveled. Not too sure
Tramping Shot lvl 55 - "Follows" the target and it will never miss (unless blocked). It hits once at level 1, twice at level 5 and three times at max level 10. Its like a hax version of Rhiannas hexagon shot.
Rapid Fire lvl 91 - The skill which replaced fiore novas as the last bow skill to get. It Looks like it hits 3 times, but when i frapped it and played it frame by frame, attacking 1 target.. it landed a total of 6 times. Most likely 1 hit explodes to make it two hits... GG...

New Xbow skills:

Catch Blowup lvl 22 - A timed skill, which after being used will explode after 5 seconds, It hits a total of two times, (only once if the target is away from the skill animation circle.) VERY strong damage.

Cannon Flow lvl 55 - Simply put a one hit Demolition Bomb. It has the same effects as Demo(stacks depending on how many targets stacked) but only has one shot. Using this skill after Demo is crazy since demo bomb has no skill lock...

Flame Blast lvl 82 - only good for Close~Medium Distance, hits a total of 5 times and is very destructive. Excellent skill if melee characters get too close.

Stat Builds

This is quiet simple, DEX, DEX and more DEX. Have only enough Heal points to have enough HP for PvE while your using maxed level Terrace Magic.

For example my hunter has 14k HP unbuffed, with terrace it has 18k HP which is sufficient for PvE.

Bow DPS, Xbow Explosions

Why Bow is regarded to be DPS is because the skill animations for the new bow skills is quiet fast. Also the skill Rapid Fire has a buff while the skill animation is in motion. This buff allows for arrows/bolts to explode causing two hits per 1 shot. This buff's duration works similarly to how Silent Killer's Increased Critical Rate works. It is possible to cast certain attacks before using Rapid fire for an Insane DPS volley of attacks.

Xbow skills are a destructive force which only gets stronger the more enemies you face. Cannon Flow is similar to how Demolition Bomb works although only one shot. The rest of the new Xbow skills are pure destruction attacks which will HURT anything it touches.