“I will let you come close, but not too close.”


Segnale is a class specialized to heal and curse. It's the only class that has HP and shield recovery skills, which makes the class essential in a party play. The class has several healing skills that can be variously used depending on the situation, and also has several buff skills that can raise the attack of the party members. Also, Segnale is the only class that can resurrect others and even own self. Segnale's curse skills are specialized on debuffing the enemies. The skill drops attack and defense and other various status, and even can make someone fall in sleep to prevent them to fight. Also this class has skills that nails an enemy making them not able to move, and drops the recovery rate. They have effective debuff skills which you cannot imagine from the healing class.

Segnale Skilltree

Segnale Skill Tree
The above link is to an image of the Segnale skill tree in Action 7.5.

The first thing about Segnale's is that because of the new Stat system. The best option is to wear the highest level weapon you can wear and from there choosing to put more SPR or to have more HP.

Upgraded Skills

Blood Hit - Cannot be interrupted, Also has higher skill dmg.

Hyper Heal - AoE radius has increased dramatically.

Great Guard - Max level 10

Divine Shield - Max level 10

Amazing Attack - Max level 10

Note on Party buffs: The radius has increased so you could buff party members which are farther away. Also these Skills do not use any skill points. you do however need to level their single buff counterparts to get max level.

There are others but not too significant to point out, Like the debuffs, they debuff abit more but since i dont know the exact stats ill jus leave it out.

New Skills

Magic Guard lvl 46- Increases Magic Defense for 10 minutes.(remember there's both magic defense and elemental resist,this one increases magic defense)

Magic Protector lvl 46 - AOE buff, increases magic def for 10 min.

Reincarnation lvl 55 - Ability to revive ones self if you die, Need a seed of salvation for it to activate. Item purchased at segnale skill master, 20 pack for 750k. Once you die, click on the left option to use seed of salvation.

Curse Remove lvl 64 - Has the chance to remove one negative effect from the target. This seems to have 1 second cool down.

Healing Moss lvl 73 - Heals and greatly increases HP recovery speed for 5 seconds.

Wide Remover lvl 82 - Has the chance to remove one negative effect, its an AOE party buff and only has a 20% chance of being successful.. increases with lvl.

Recover Shield lvl 91 - Single Target Shield recovery, stacks with Shield field.

New Debuffs

Sleep (single) lvl 55 - 38% chance to make target sleep idk if the chance increases with the lvl, or the duration of sleep. or both debatable.

Cursed Fog lvl 73 - aoe Debuff which lasts for 1minute, reduces critical rate by a lot.

Bloody Mist lvl 82 - aoe debuff which lowers Max HP, and HP recovery.

Wide Sleep lvl 91 - aoe debuff which has a 22% chance to make targets fall asleep. Again im not sure if the chance increases or the sleep duration when increasing the skill lvl.

Stat Choices

Segs can go full weapon heal build which would result in a massive HP pool. However my advice would be to have extra SPR. That way you could leave Wound and Self healing at level 1 while still being able to heal a fair chunk of HP.

For example:
The seg i have has 498 SPR + 215Spr from items/armors. Almost 18k HP without trans.

Self Healing lvl 1 healed my entire HP from 3k HP. So i couldnt get a fair estimate of how much it actually heals lol.

Wound Healing healed about 14k HP at level 1.

Shield recovery Skills also get a boost from SPR.

Balancing your build between the amount of HP you have and SPR to add dmg+heal/shield recovery skills.