Vicious Summoner

Vicious Summoner

“Black Magic- Call it what you will. I’m just a Summoner because I like the power.”


Vicious summoners do battles based on summoning. There is 2 types of weapon that summoners use, staff and twin swords. Spell based summoners uses minions called Chakra to fully control an area. There is 2 types of Chakras, one gives you buffs and the other debuffs the enemies. Also spells specialized with poison, even debuffs your enemy or summon allies in danger, and can cure the curse status disorders. Melee attacking summoners has hiding skills to approach enemies effectively. Also the twin swords helps the summoner effectively batter enemies and summon instance minions that has debuffing abilities. These summoners even has a skill to teleport to an enemy or ally in sight, which makes summoners be able to hit and run.

Summoner Skilltree

Vicious Summoner Skill Tree
The above link is for an image of the Vicious Summoner Skill tree in Action 7.5.

Upgraded Skills:
-Skin of the foreign realm - Max level 5 instead of 10.
-Blade Dance - AoE range gets bigger at level 5, and pretty big at max level 10. The skill animation changes accordingly
-Twin Mastery - Increases Melee Attack and Defense
Vicious Thorn - Skill animation changes as you level it up, it has a small AoE range at level 1 which becomes bigger at max level. Also it drops targets movement speed for 5-6 seconds at level 10.

Increased Poison - It has a debuff effect added which lowers critical rate of the targets for 8 seconds at level 1 and 17 seconds at level 10

Summon Ghost - Cast time is faster, the debuff lowers critical damage by a fair amount.

Infected Earth - Loses its poison drain, skill aoe radius increases as you level it. The range is almost as big as hellburst imo at max level. At max level, the debuff reduces any healing done by 75% and lasts for 17 seconds. I will have to check and test, but this would mean the effect of healing skills/pots/fish would be reduced by 75%....

Palpus - Nothing new, but id like to point out that its debuff effect is harder to run out off compared to action 6, if you had speed buff you could run from palpus easily.

New Skills:


Curse Remove lvl 46 (max level 5) - Gives a chance to remove One debuff from a target.

Resist Sacra lvl 22(max level 10) - At max level it increases elemental resistance by 975, or 16.5%

Force Sacra lvl 46(max level 10) - At max level it increases Critical rate by 1359, or 9.7% and Critical Damage by 26%

Recall lvl 91(max level 5) - Target a single party member and then Summons them to your location. Excellent/required skill to finish new dungeons effectively. The speed at which you summon a party member increases as it levels up.

Anti Resist Sacra lvl 55(max level 5) - Debuff which reduces elemental resist of hostile opponents in the area. The exact number ill have to check but its quiet effective.

Power Sacra lvl 73 - (Max level 5) - At max level it increases Magic Attack,Melee Attack Range attack and defense by 10%.

Enpower Sacra lvl 91(max level 5) - Reduces Attack and defense of hostile targets around the area, exact number idk, but its a significant amount to make an impact.

Note on Sacra totems:
There's a total of 5 Sacra totems, only 3 can be summoned at a time.

Twin Blade skills

Storm Runner lvl 22 (max level 5) - Speed buff. The duration is probably the shortest of all the characters with speed buff.

Invisible Shadow lvl 46 (max level 5) - at level 1 it makes the summoner invisible for about 30 seconds, probably 50 seconds or so at max level. While invisible any Pet that is summoned will disappear and movement speed will be reduced. If you use speed buff prior to going invisible, then it makes it somewhat negates the reduction. If you cast any skill while invisible you will instantly reappear, Alokens have shadow catch which will reveal any invisible targets.

Sword of binding lvl 55(max level 10) - A single AoE attack with a radius of 4m(hell burst is 5m). The skill summons green twin blades to give a bleeding effect to targets. This skill goes past Shield in PvP and the DoT(damage over time) effect lasts 5 seconds or so.

Darkness lvl 73(max level 10) - A single AoE attack with same aoe radius as sword of binding. This skill debuffs hostile targets and reduces their damage by a considerable amount. The debuff lasts 10 seconds at max level.

Out of Sight lvl 91(max level 5) - Teleport yourself to a target, the target can be hostile or friendly. You can go past land barriers using this skill which is great for various things including PK and new dungeons. Any Sacra totems summoned will disappear once this skill is used.

Kane Hawk lvl 55(max level 10) - Summons a hawk to be your eyes lasting for 10 seconds at max level. It has a small AoE hit and increases Accuracy by 818 at max level

Staff Build and Twinblade Build
Now most of you are thinking about getting all the good skills from each tree right? Well theres a barrier which you would have to overcome. Unless you are level 165 with Maxed DK rank you will be lacking in skill points if you want to build a hybrid skilled summy.

Certain skills have skill requirements. In a nutshell, For a staff summoner to max speed buff, they need level 9 devil swing, to get level 9 devil swing you need level 9 spirit dagger. Also the prerequisite to level Darkness is to level Sword of Binding.

This goes for Staff Sacra skills too, to level up certain sacra totems you need the previous totem to be leveled up as well.

What this means?
The developers tried to push for individuality as a Staff build and Twinblade Build, going hybrid in skills is near impossible/effective at lower levels until you have sufficient skill points to use up(which is about level 170 with a decent rank)

Also the weapon requirements have changed For Twinblades to Str and Dex. This means that it is inefficient to be hybrids with weapons as well. For a staff summy, a level 1 TB is the only viable option by adding the small required amount of dex. As for Twinblade summoners, a level 1 staff is the only viable option by adding a small amount of SPR that is required.

In a nutshell: Death of Hybrids in stats(weapons) and difficult to make a hybrid in skills until you have enough skill points to waste.

As a TB summy i HIGHLY recommend you only level up Enpower Sacra as your debuff totem. Antiresist sacra lowers resist which doesnt do much for TB summy.

For both staff and TB, you could leave Recall at level 1 if you must, but i have a feeling the shorter cool down time would be important somewhere. Other skills you could leave level 1 is Remove curse and Blood bats. Since even at max level it only heals 6k~ HP