Players are able to buy various items by using B and P coins from NPC whom located in Colosseum.

Darin NPC

New defense item (Bracelet)

New defense item (Belt)

Various supplies



(fist row-right side) Argate - Items that requires to reinforce the item(Belt and Bracelet).

(first row-left side)Colosseum Marblic - Is for add options to new defense items(bracelet and belt)

(third row-from left side) low class, middle class, super high class. Fighter’s supplies - Randomly players can get many different types of item.

(7th~9th row) New socket jewels that can only add into belt and bracelet.

(10th row) Holy nova - players can earn from Colossuem, and it’s very fast transportation.

New skill books

Number 12 defense item (every class)