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Shrine of Elonohm

Shrine of Elonohm is quite different than any other fields. Unlike the other dungeons, you have to achieve permission by finishing the event battle to access to the Instant Dungeon called “Elonohm”. In other words, if you want to go to the dungeon, you should clear the mission. However, it doesn’t mean that this battle is simple to clear. Let’s see why this dungeon has complicated defense system.

1st Battle

Shrine of Elonohm will start in certain time. The time lead to the Shrine of Elonohm such as people in Siz server just stop hunting and rush to chain of the fire as the clock turn up 7 pm. (PST).


Timetable for the Battle starts on Shrine of Elonohm:
16:00 / 20:00 / 00:00
Hellion - CET
Siz - PST


Just like the other dungeons, you will get more advantages if you in a party with different characters.
The ramparts will be close after the massage shows up. You will be able to access into the dungeon after the battle starts.

You must be aware of those ramparts. Dravices attack with bows and magic when you enter into the shrine of Elonohm. At this time, we have to use each character’s ability to keep going forward. The characters with Long-range attack should kill the monsters which located on top of ramparts, and the other characters with short range should destroy the Elonohm Gate. It sounds complicated but it will be easier than you think.

After you enter the inside of dungeon, you get attacked by tons of Dravices Guards. As you can see from this picture you might think that “That’s a piece of cake”. But if you go down there, you will learn how important those healing, potions, and fishes are.
Dravices has different characteristic on thier characters. Some of characters have the similar attack pattern as Knights, Magicians, and Hunters and also have healing and buff kinds support like Segnales. Therefore, attacking healers first will be the main strategy to make the easier battle. It will be easier to win this battle if you know all of the location on the enemies.

After defeat the entire Guards, Garrison Captain [Erupt] will come out. Garrison Captain looks fancy in this picture, and doesn’t he look strong? Yes he is very strong. Have fun with it.

2nd battle

After defeating the Garrison Captain, you will be able to access into the front yard to the Shrine of Elonohm.

The battle against the Guards will be continued and they look similar as previous guards, but you will notice that they are little bit different with last one. That is not the only different factors in this battle.

It is because Magic Traps! You will find 5 different Magic Trap Remover and those will make you harder to win this battle. It will decrease the damage, movement, and healing speed, and also disable the MP recovery. It will make you harder to survive around that area. Destroy the Magic Trap Removers will be the only way you can avoid this situation.
<Must destroy all of the Magic Trap Remover to go on to the next step>
<Must destroy all of the Magic Trap Remover to go on to the next step>
After you destroy entire Magic Trap Removers, the Three Protectors (Midas, Bolitti and Loria) will appear in the front yard. Three Protectors are much stronger than last one, but if your team is in perfect position, you don’t have to worry about it.
If you know pattern of his entire attack, it will be easier to defeat them.
After you defeat all of the Three Protectors, the three Keeps (Glory, Volition and Dignity) will change to attackable. Destroy these Keeps to summon the Final Boss, Four Knights (Hosria, Bled, Saer and Supero).

3rd Battle

Four Knights from Dravices are members of best 4 Knights which are more powerful than previous Boss. They have healing skill to recover their energy.
After defeat the Four Knights, you will be able to access into the dungeon, Elonohm.